Optic Splice Closure 36 Fibers 2 In-4 Out Dome Fiber

Optic Splice Closure 36 Fibers 2In-4Out Dome Fiber

36 Fibers Dome Optical Cable Splice Closure is used for protective connection of two or multiple optical cable and optic fiber distribution. It is one of commonly used equipment of user access point. The unit requires no special tools, which helps reduce tooling costsandallows for ease of installation and re-entry into the closure, Available for awide range of use environments, such as underground or aerial, pole, wall etc.


With Built-in Fusion Splice Tray, up to 144 Cores
Water-proof Design with IP-68 Protection Level
High-quality PPR Material, which can Ensure Harsh Conditions 
Solid Structure, Perfect Outline, Thunder, Erosion and Adding Resistance
Ideal for Hanging and Underground Applications


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